– $15 -

Slow Jam

You’ll improvise all night long when Blackberry-Basil Jam gets down
with Bulleit Rye, Lemon Juice & Egg White. Garnished with a few
drops of Basil Oil, its boozy but sweet in all the right ways.

You Coffee Nut

Belvedere Vodka makes a mind blowing base for Cold-brew Coffee, house-
made Hazelnut Orgeat and Whole Milk, shaken and strained into
a collins glass over ice. Garnished with a sprinkle of Ground Coffee.

Breakfast Martini

Fresh orange marmalade and Plymouth gin paired with Orange Liqueur and
a dash of Egg White for froth and protein create an ideal concoction for
morning, noon and night. We’ll mix, shake and pour. You drink.

San Fran-tastic

Ketel Oranje vodka, Aperol liqueur, Strawberry puree, Lemon Juice and a
dash of Sugar: This drink, like long Indian summers and a bridge that spans
the Golden Gate Straight, is one you’ll love to savor.

Smoker’s Delight

Bulleit Bourbon, Amaro Abano, & Sweet Vermouth slither down
a rocks glass and make love to Tobacco and Walnut Bitters. Garnished with 
an Orange Peel. May require a fine cuban cigar.

A Night in Paris

One sip may transport you. Nolet’s Gin, Green Chartreuse & Absinthe
mix and mingle with simple syrup & Lime Juice, then strain into a flute.
Topped w/ sparkling Chandon & a Lime twist. Truth! Beauty! Freedom!

Caribbean Cider

They say “an apple a day, ” mon. Pampero Rum, Cognac, Lemon Juice,
& Orchard Syrup are shaken & strained over ice in a rocks glass.
Garnished with a plump, housemade Apple ring.

Signature cocktails are not available after 10pm.