– $15 -


Looks fresh and pretty every time: Belvedere Vodka, Lo-Fi Sweet
Vermouth, Vanilla Coconut Milk, and Lime Juice with Simple Syrup, garnished
with a fragrant bunch of Micro Opal Basil.

Poppa Cherry

Best experienced like it’s your first time: Nolets Gin, Lo-Fi Gentian
Amaro, Pomegranate Juice, Grapefruit Juice and Turbinado,
garnished with two luscious Cherries.

Breakfast Martini

Fresh orange marmalade and Tangueray gin paired with Orange Liqueur and
a dash of Egg White for froth and protein create an ideal concoction for
morning, noon and night. We’ll mix, shake and pour. You drink.

San Fran-tastic

Ketel Oranje vodka, Aperol liqueur, Strawberry puree, Lemon Juice and a
dash of Sugar: This drink, like long Indian summers and a bridge that spans
the Golden Gate Straight, is one you’ll love to savor.

Hippie Hill Hooch

Some report seeing double rainbows. Bulleit Bourbon, Angostura de Amaro,
Yerba Mate, Lemon Juice, Turbinado, topped with a generous strip of Lemon
Peel Zest. Go ahead, do your little happy dance.

Swinger’s Martini

Have more than one and you will be seriously screwed. Butterfly Blue Tea-
infused Absolut Elyx and Plymouth Gin, White Sage Simple Syrup.
Served over ice or up and garnished with Orange Peel.

Hot Cakes

You’ll want to drizzle this over flapjacks. Nolets Gin, Blandys Madeira 5 Year,
Lime Juice, and Turbinado, topped with frothy pillow top of Egg White.
Watch the fire. Double strained, topped with fresh Sage.

Signature cocktails are not available after 10pm.