10 Best Event Space Venues In San Francisco

San Francisco is the ideal city for making memories.

As one of the most populous cities in the U.S. San Francisco is also one of the most vibrant cities in the country. Be it the steep rolling hills, the Golden Gate Bridge, the cool summers, or the eye-pleasing architecture there are always events brewing up and keeping the city alive.

When we think about why we spend all our days working, money is the first motivational factor that comes to mind. But money is not something to be remembered. Memories are. We work every day to be able to afford beautiful memories that we can always look back on, or have a story to tell while out for drinks.

If you are thinking about gathering a group of people to celebrate something personal or within a company, choosing the perfect spot can be overwhelming. Besides budget, there are so many other factors to consider, such as capacity, location, view, catering, amenities, parking, and many more. Here are the ten best spots we think meet all the right criteria for various types of events.


620 Jones

Guest capacity: approx. 1000

A perfect spot for a get-together with friends or to host a small, midsize or large company event is the 620 Jones. Located on Jones Street, as the name indicates, it is just enough blocks away from downtown that it is still considered part of it.

The reservation capacity can be as low as 6 people and as high as the number of attendees that would fill up a beautiful outdoor bar. The spot is divided up into diverse areas, each serving different functions, but all bearing the energy of the same elegant and exotic setting. You can choose to book events on the rooftop patio or the spacious outdoor restaurant on the ground floor.

The Spanish Colonial Revival design attracts tourists and people who work in the downtown area all alike, due to the meticulous attention to detail. Its gigantic entrance gates welcome any sort of event that you see fit to organize in a refreshing downtown setting, regardless of the time of day.

Catering is provided internally as it is one of the most booked places to eat in the area. Not only is the menu varied and delicious, but the 3 bars on location are sure to keep the party going into the wee hours of the morning. Your guests will be delighted to spend a sunny day or a cool-breezed evening in the fine setting that is 620 Jones.


The Center SF

Guest capacity: 100

Try to imagine a place that wants to connect with its guests at a personal level. The Center SF promotes social transformation and serves as a community space aimed to impact its visitors positively.

In return for the 4 characteristics the owners look for in the events they host (quality, integrity, growth, and communication) the Center SF is divided into 4 spaces that allow these qualities to bloom. You can book an event on the tranquil outdoor patio, the cozy cabin-like parlor, the Bamboo Studio – perfect for yoga-themed events, or the classy and antiquated Tea Room.

It is worth noting that alcoholic beverages are neither served nor allowed in the Center SF.

The place is located on Fillmore Street, which is part of a laid-back neighborhood filled with shops and boutiques you can peruse around. It is an ideal spot for workshops, training, art events, live music performance, and other social gatherings.


Fairmont San Francisco

Guest capacity: 3000

There is no better way to brush with history than to book an event in a historical location. For close to a century, The Fairmont Hotel was the place. A place where personalities such as Ella Fitzgerald, Nat “King” Cole, and James Brown would be known to hang out at, due to its breathtaking and distinct art-deco design that makes it one of the city’s emblematic buildings.

Thanks to its uber-generous 72,000-square feet of space, just about any type of event you can think of can be hosted at the Fairmont. Besides the many rooms and halls of the hotel, your guests can also enjoy in-house catering, 606 guest rooms and suites, professional AV and other electronic equipment for presentations or product launches, wi-fi, valet parking, and many more amenities that makes the Fairmont one of the most desirable and unique places to host a large event at.


The Fillmore

Guest capacity: 800

For music enthusiasts, The Fillmore is known as one of the world-renowned pillars of live music. It is the archetypal venue of 60s music that hosted memorable concerts and events – most of which have been recorded for successful live albums – for artists like Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Miles Davis, Led Zeppelin, Santana, Grateful Dead, The Who, Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, Janis Joplin, Andy Warhol, Otis Redding and many more. In fact, even Hunter S. Thompson references the place in his famous book “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”.

The historical importance checks out, but is it suitable for events other than musical happenings? Why yes, it is.

Supplied with state-of-the-art electronic equipment ideal for any interactive live event, The Fillmore is sure to impress your guests and make them feel like their presence there will prove to be an important moment in their lives. Custom menus and exquisite mixology complete the unforgettable event that you have in mind.


Conservatory of Flowers

Guest capacity: 300

If you want to impress your guests with some serious eye-candy, hypnotize them with spectacular greenery. Attending an event at the Conservatory of Flowers feels like belonging in an illustrated storybook. Stories come true at this centrally-located realm of beauty, right in Golden Gate Park.

There is no more memorable place to plan a wedding reception or a corporate event at, than in one of the 3 specially-arranged spaces within the Conservatory. You can relax and interact with attendees on the Palm Terrace, in the pavilion, in the bridal lounge, or even in one of the breakout rooms. Subjects of discussion will never fall short, as guests can enjoy 5 exhibit spaces and marvel at exotic flowers and plants.

Besides sound equipment and security, the Conservatory of Flowers has a list of vendors they work with to cover every need.


The San Francisco Zoo

Guest capacity: 3000

Why not think outside the box? You can have a whole zoo to yourself!

And not just any zoo, but one of the largest and most famous Zoos in the world, the San Francisco Zoo. You can find 1000 different animal species and all the money that you spend on your booking contributes to the zoo’s conservation projects, so you can also see it as a charitable expense.

No matter how large or small the event that you are planning, there are venues that satisfy every need. From intimate company lunches to wedding receptions and corporate picnics, The San Francisco Zoo is limitless in its possibilities to make you enjoy an unforgettable day.


Gallery 308 at Fort Mason

Guest capacity: 430

Make your guests feel like they are in the heart of San Francisco. The Gallery 308 at Fort Mason has a clear panoramic view of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco Bay, and Alcatraz. An wide open floor plan positioned perfectly to allow the surrounding warm natural light will offer the refreshing atmosphere any event needs.

You can choose from a list of vendors and accommodation that the venue works with in order to book your next wedding reception, art exhibit, conference, or social get-together. Enjoying the daylight from within the almost 4000 square feet of space will surely charge your batteries for a long time to come.


Terra Gallery & Events

Guest Capacity: 725

Rincon Hill is an area known for the many top hotels and restaurants in San Francisco. It is also the grounds for Terra Gallery & Events, a multi-functional event space that serves as a great spot for dinner parties, receptions, fundraisers, trade shows, galas, and many more.

The open-layout space makes the venue seem even larger than it already is. Consider the possibilities of customizing your event in an area that is spread over 2 floors – including an art gallery and outdoor patio. Each floor is equipped with a prep kitchen so you can bring your preferred vendors to take care of catering. There is an in-house full beverage service though.

Other in-house amenities include multimedia equipment for live-feeds or real-time conferencing and nearby parking. The attention to details mixed with the displayed contemporary art  and Barcelona lounge furniture makes the Terra Gallery & Events one of the most elegant places to host an event.


Foreign Cinema

Guest capacity: 350

Cinemas are not just for viewing movies in the dark. At least not the Foreign Cinema, located in Mission District. This is the place where fine food and wine mix harmoniously with film and art. The venue has an in-house award-winning restaurant that is very sought after for event planners and refined gourmet enthusiasts alike.

Whether you rent the entire restaurant or just one of the 4 spaces inside, the experience will be unparalleled. In true cinema fashion, you have the option to make your guests’ involvement even more authentic, by opting for the vintage film projection area. Don’t worry, there are still plenty of spaces equipped with professional AV equipment, and international art displays if any attendees want to take in the essence of the place by walking around.


The Box SF

For a vintage and more intimate setting, we recommend The Box. Rich in history, The Box is the most extensive antique stationery store and home to the oldest and longest dining table in the country.

The venue is refreshingly cozy and feels like taking a trip to the past, where you would find an ancient magical board game or hidden treasures. It is a delight to be inside of. Training sessions, weddings, workshops, corporate, and private events will shift their focus towards the atmosphere of the place, which has been remodeled in 2018. In-house bar and catering options are available, as well as pull-down projector screens, wi-fi, and a freight elevator that makes loading in and out easier. Choose from any of the available spaces to rent inside, and satisfy your mercantile aesthetic by purchasing something from the store.


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Events are moments that people anticipate with curiosity and an appetite for interacting. Whether there are up to 60,000 attendees (such as the maximum capacity at San Francisco’s Moscone Convention Center) or a maximum of 30 guests that are ready to sail out onto the Ocean, as is possible by booking the Bay Breeze Charters, people will remember the place, the lighting, the atmosphere, and they will associate it all with the nature of their meeting.

We personally think the ideal place for hosting a fun event is 620 Jones. It has mouth-watering food, a diverse drinks menu, friendly staff, it is cutely lit, a central location, and the atmosphere is always vibrant. Visit the 620 Jones website and book an event in advance, before someone else will snatch the desired date.

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