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Top 10 Private Events San Francisco Spaces


It is no secret that the pandemic changed how people and business owners plan for private events. 

Some places are still slowly regenerating from the financial loss and other damages caused by the passing of time unsupervised, an opportunity arose for event spaces to reinvent themselves. Certain places had the luxury and financial inertia to sustain themselves through the Covid-19 years. 

Others have adapted their function to their clientele’s needs in order to keep them in the loop until things get back to normal and loyal customers will happily return to those who treated them well. The time for that return is now, as the need for private event spaces faces an enormous – yet natural – increase.

Private Event Spaces in San Francisco

Summer is right around the corner and events are finally being planned like in the good old pre-2020 days. In fact, think about all the people whose plans have stalled for the past two years…they are expecting to gain some sort of priority. 

Private event spaces are being booked fast, and the longer you remain unsure if a budget or capacity fills your need, the place is gone in the next instance. The research for the ideal space for a private event can become a real time-consuming hassle. Here comes the good news:

Relax. Close those extra 50 tabs in your window. Keep your important ones and this one open, since we gathered the top 10 best spaces in San Francisco for your next private event. 

While budgets have either increased or stayed roughly the same, it is still and always will be in the interest of the business owners to not (completely) scare customers away with exaggerated prices. Which leaves us to capacity and location within the city being the two main factors we took into consideration. 

1. 620 Jones

By now, it should not be a secret anymore: 620 Jones is a fun location suitable for any kind of event. Especially private events. 

Conveniently situated smack dab between Union Square and the Tenderloin district, 620 Jones is ideal for parties of 6 or more. The venue is spacious enough to host over 100+ people and has indoor as well as outdoor space. 

This tropical and exotic spot serves as a beacon of freshness within San Francisco. The diverse food and drinks menu is a direct reflection of that. The place itself beckons for visitors to become customers. Aside from an actual sign, 620 Jones has “fun time” written all over it, thanks to the friendly staff, the stimulating visual aesthetic and the minimal/modernist spaciousness. 

We urge you to call 620 Jones and inquire about reservations before you think about asking at any other venue. The place is suitable for the widest range of private events: from unpretentious gatherings to fancy and flamboyant soirées. 

2. Quince

If you seek a more intimate atmosphere and have a generous budget, Quince is the ultimate level of fancy. Its West private dining room seats up to 18 people, whereas groups of less (up to 12) can choose between Quince’s North and South Rooms. It is located in Jackson Square. 

The West Room also gives guests the opportunity to gaze at one of San Francisco’s finest wine cellars, just below. Inside, the brick walls mixed with silk draperies gives an antiquated yet classy feel. 

Once the food and drinks arrive, you really get to enjoy and understand the whole experience. The 3-Michelin-starred Italian and French influenced menu that Chef Michael Tusk prepares is worth the effort of securing a private event at Quince’s. 

Most ingredients are freshly sourced from Michael and Linda Tusk’s Bolina farm. This is an assuring seal of approval for those seeking to top off the most lavish evening with the best quality meal and drinks. 

3.The Vault Garden

In the Financial District, right beneath the Bank of America building, there was once a vault. Nowadays, the most valuable asset inside is the Vault Garden

The sensation of dining in an underground vault ornamented with luxurious furniture and dark wood is unparalleled. There are also heated tents in which groups can enjoy the view of the outdoor space. As many as 60 guests can fill up the available space at the Vault Garden. 

Menu-wise, there is a set price for both dinner and lunch-based events. The items on the menu are top notch, ranging from steak frites to seared scallops. Especially recommended for meat lovers, but not limited to. 

4.Del Popolo

With a seating capacity of 36 and a standing one of up to 50 people, Del Popolo is a fabulous garden patio with front row seats to the stars. The best such venue in the TenderNob area.

The walls are covered with rich ivy tentacles which gives the place a rustic feel, making it a perfect setting for a private event. Your guests won’t have to worry about temperature, since there are heaters galore all around. Even the tartan-draped seats offer extra warmth. 

The italian-inspired menu is especially delicious. Del Popolo has such tempting starters as spanish banana peppers, pork crackling, chilled local calamari, and delicious pizzas prepared so well that even Italians from the motherland envy the chef for the recipe. 


Fiorella. A place just as pretty as its name. In fact…3 places.

Fortunately, the Neapolitan-style restaurant has 3 locations. The most suitable ones for private events are located in the Richmond and Sunset districts. The Richmond location accommodates 20 seated guests, while the Sunset location has a slightly more generous seating area, of up to 35 guests.

The locations are also equipped with heated lamps, in case the rooftop patio becomes cold at night. The interior has a very chic and elegant design, rich with wooden and gravel motifs. 

The food revolves around the astounding pizza that the chef prepares, and other scrumptious Italian dishes. Budget-wise, the food and beverage minimum is more advantageous at the Richmond location. 


Take a break from the Italian choices and consider Souvla for your upcoming private event. It is located in the NoPa district, namely Divisadero Street. 

The backyard at Souvla serves as an ideal party spot for up to 30 guests. In case you are sure all of them will turn up, it would be wise to rent the whole outdoor space. For less guests, you can opt to exclusively rent the lower deck.

You can expect a wide spectrum of greek dishes, ranging from salads and froyo to grilled lamb sandwiches and crumbled baklava. Your Insta or Pinterest cloud will increase after any selfie taken on Souvla’s beautiful string-lit deck. 

Like any respectable venue, chilly weather stands no chance to ruin your night, as it will be fought off by the very capable heat lamps provided. There is always the alcohol at the open-bar that will surely warm you up. 

7.Foreign Cinema

San Francisco’s Foreign Cinema is one of the most impressive and artsy hang-out places in the city. Luckily, they also host private events, and offer two locations to suit the needs of the host. The wonderful string lights, heated lamps, and generous food and drinks menu will make a private event at the Foreign Cinema easily unforgettable.

Located in the Mission district, guests can enjoy delicious food dishes while having foreign movies play on huge surrounding projectors. But don’t expect any cliche films; as the name suggests, only foreign films are projected. This contributes positively to the overall vibe of the place, making the atmosphere seem like a European movie premiere at Cannes Film Festival. 

While the mezzanine can host up to 50 seated guests, the Modernism West Gallery space in the restaurant seats up to 100 people. This is the space we recommend, as it is also aptly equipped with a surround system and contains hypnotizing art that will steal everyone’s gaze. 


If you’re looking for a place in the Mission district but aren’t really in the mood for being distracted by European films at the Foreign Cinema, the Birdsong is a worthy contender. 

Aside from its Pacific Northwest-inspired food and drinks menu, we also picked the Birdsong for its versatility. It has 2 rooms with varying capacities you can choose from: The Starling room (6-10 guests), and the Merlin room (11-20 guests). You can even rent out the whole restaurant for a larger crowd. Namely a crowd of up to 40. 

Included in the pricing for the Merlin room or the whole restaurant buyout is a 6-course tasting menu, courtesy of chef Chris Bleidorn, who also contributed in granting the Birdsong a strong Michelin-star rating. Other options like a beverage reception with canapés before the seated meal can also be added to your reservation. 

9.Town Hall

“Honey, I have to look my best tonight…there is a private gathering at the Town Hall and I’m invited” is a game-over phrase to say to your spouse, or anyone else you want to replace the “honey” with. Once you’re there, it feels as distinguished as it sounds. The Town Hall offers a truly special experience for any sort of event, especially a private one. 

Luckily, neither you nor your guests have to be politically affiliated in any way to enjoy spending time in this historic place. You can choose between the private dining room, the patio, or the whole restaurant buyout. The two rooms range between a capacity of 40 to 80 guests, while renting out the entire restaurant can accommodate 120 guests sitting down and way more for a standing reception . 

The elegant exposed brick interrupted by the old-timey expansive windows give the private dining room a certain air of authority, like important deals and discussions can take place over food and drinks. Floral arrangements, valet parking, special linen, and crystal stemware are to be found in any of the room choices and complete the experience of hosting a private event at the Town Hall. 



It was tough for us to choose between the Liholiho Yacht Club, Mourad, and Lolinda, but we settled on the latter. While the first two offer either Mediterranean or stunningly elegant settings, Lolinda somehow mixes both and adds its own flavor to your upcoming private event. 

This luxurious Argentinian steakhouse is the third on our list to be conveniently located in the Mission district. Its focal point is its food. Carefully and expertly prepared over a wood-fired asador (grill) the meat in the restaurant’s dishes have an otherworldly taste, leaving your taste buds in a dreamstate afterwards. 

It can host up to over 100 people, but also as few as parties of under 12 guests. The inner decor is classy with warm wood-motifs, and the tall leather chairs or sofas give an extra feeling of intimacy and elegance. Friendships and relationships will definitely improve after sharing a few empanadas, croquetas, ceviches, or yucca fries at the modern Lilinda. 

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