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Rise. Shine. Grind at 620 Jones

NEW Morning & Office-Friendly Hours

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Starting July 9th, from 8:30-2:30pm every Tuesday through Friday, stop but to enjoy your favorite coffee drinks & brunch food!

Get down to business and work in style with our FREE Wi-Fi and limitless tasty snacks.

Spread out on our patio or come kick back in our cool indoor lounge- whatever suits yours (or Karl the Fog’s) mood.

Heat lamps to keep you cozy during any June gloom, and our luch Mediteranean patio will at least make you feel like you’re on holiday- even on a normal workday.

PRO TIP: a sneaky cocktail or two is guaranteed to heighten the illusion 😉🌴🍸

Book your favorite spot below or just stop by! We’ll be waiting ✨

News & Updates