The Sweet Spot in the Tenderloin

The Sweet Spot in the Tenderloin – 620 Jones Cocktail Bar


San Francisco is one of the most visually representative cities in the world, for what life on the West Coast looks like.

To live up to its vibrant, youthful, and ever-evolving reputation, the hangout places where we spend our times in San Francisco have to be top-notch. Some spots are so good that they increase the quality of their surroundings. For example, a fun night at a cocktail bar can draw a new crowd to an unpopular area.

Whether unforgettable moments may occur, or it just hits the spot for relaxing, a good spot is a good spot no matter what! The Tenderloin might not be the first area you think of when planning a night out with friends…but the right hangout place can make you reconsider.

Such is the case with 620 Jones. Not only does it put the Tenderloin on the map for great times to be had, but it is one of the most fun cocktail bars in the whole of San Francisco.


About Our Cocktail Bar

We at 620 Jones wanted to create a bubble of our own in busy San Francisco. A tropical bubble that welcomes people in search of fun. A protective oyster that resonates with livelihood. In the middle of any precious oyster…there is a pearl. Behold our cocktail bar!

Hidden within tall and bushy palm trees that watch over you and inject the air with a much sought-after freshness, is our cocktail bar. You can enjoy our tasty cocktails in a modern-meets-industrial setting that is both chic and practical. Our exterior gives Planet Hollywood a good run for their money while our cocktail bar makes you feel like every moment you spend at 620 Jones is a small vacation.

If our place is a lively, constant party, our cocktail bar is the life of the party. We make sure that the most exquisite elixirs are being enjoyed by our customers. Our detail-oriented bartenders want nothing more than to see your eyes go big and your smile widen as you taste the delicious cocktails they prepare for you.


A Quick Look At Our Cocktail Menu

Our scrumptious beverages will have you spending more time with us than you initially planned. Don’t worry, we understand. Our cocktails are irresistable! You can find all sorts of colorful and richly-flavored beverages in our menu, from our classic cocktails to our signature ones.

If you’re in the mood for a Sangria, a Manhattan, an Old Cuban, or even the Ryan Reynolds-endorsed Aviation gin, we got ‘em all and more. Or perhaps you crave a more caffeinated taste without losing the kick. If so, our Espresso Martini or our 620 Jones Irish Coffee ought to please you.

Our true pride and joy is our vast selection of signature cocktails. Freshen up with our Seasonal Slushy, Drunken Pear, Strawberry Feels, or a favorite among customers to ask the bar staff for…the Me So Thorny. If you want a more refined taste, opt for the Almond Joy or the All in Good Thyme.

Our personal favorite is the Berried Last Nut. It’s a gin-based cocktail prepared with a refreshing pistachio-raspberry syrup and aquafaba. A visit to 620 Jones will make you use “that’s what she said” less as a joke and more for ordering the eponymous cocktail: a coconut-oil-based bourbon with hints of pineapple, grapefruit and black walnut bitters.

A visit at 620 Jones during the day is no excuse to not try our brunch cocktails. From shareable Mimosa pitchers and Breakfast Martinis to more consistent cocktails like the Froze or Michelada, you’re guaranteed to have a better day after trying them out.

If you want to keep things simple, we have plenty of beer and wine choices. 620 Jones is equipped for any and all drink enthusiasts alike, and we have the perfectly ornamented place to enjoy the drinks. Whether it be during brunch or until late at night, we are at your service.


Book A Reservation Today

Don’t waste your time looking for other places to enjoy a cocktail and book a reservation with us today. Especially if you reside in the Tenderloin or are in transit in the area…620 Jones is the place to be!

We promise you won’t find another place so dedicated to lifting your spirits…and also serving them! Friendly staff plus fabulous space, multiplied by delicious cocktails…this is a proven formula for a successful and fun time to be had. Get in touch with us by phoning or texting (415) 845-2257, email, social media platforms, or simply filling out the contact form on our website.

Whether you have something to celebrate or just want to chill, we look forward to hosting you and your friends. The first visit at 620 Jones is never the last. Come see why!


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