The Top 10 Best Cocktail Bars SF Offers

When all you want is a good cocktail, you need to know that you can have easy access to a great cocktail bar. The great news is that San Francisco is full of some incredible cocktail bars. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder that people know they need to head to San Francisco for some sublime cocktails.


How We Selected These Top Cocktail Bars In SF

Like most people, we love a good cocktail, and we set out to find the best cocktail bars in town. We took it upon ourselves to frequent a range of cocktail bars so that we could get a taste for them. We wanted to see what San Francisco had to offer, and it’s fair to say that we were not disappointed.

After approximately one month of doing some tasty research, we compiled a list of the bars we know you’ll love. We have based this list on the cocktail bars that offered the best service, the widest selection of drinks, and the bar itself. With all of this information combined, we were able to create a list of the top 10 best cocktail bars sf offers.

620 Jones

Located on Jones Street, 620 Jones is one of San Francisco’s mainstay locations. Offering both signature and classic cocktails, you know you’re going to sip on something delicious when you walk through the doors. With 13 signature cocktails and 16 classic cocktails, there really is something for everyone.

If you have the opportunity to spend some time at this eatery/bar, it’s worth your while trying these signature cocktails: Fork In The Road, Almond Joy, and Purple Jasmine Hard Lemonade. The typical classic cocktails are on offer, but somehow they seem to be even tastier. This must be thanks to the contemporary decor and relaxed but sophisticated atmosphere.

Open from 4 pm Tuesdays to Fridays, and 11 am at the weekend, this is the place to be if you want to sample some very good cocktails somewhere quite special.

Mr. Digby’s Bar & Restaurant

Located on Church Street, Mr. Digby’s is a very stylish location. If you enjoy cocktails, you will enjoy spending a few hours here. Saturdays and Sundays from 2:30 pm through ‘til 5 pm is known as “Cocktail hour”. There are 3 classic cocktails on offer: the Margarita, Old Fashioned, and Caipirinha. While this particular menu is not as extensive as some, the cocktails are very good quality. They are meant to be sipped and enjoyed while you spend time in this elegant, yet relaxing bar and restaurant.


Found at Polk Street in San Francisco, Macondray is considered to be one of the best places to enjoy a cocktail. With 10 delicious cocktails on offer, you will have more than enough to choose from. Enjoy The Fuzz Smuggler, sample the Frozen Blackberry Bramble, or The Paisley. With a relaxed, yet stylish atmosphere, the Macondray also has an outside area. You do not need to make a reservation to enjoy a drink here, simply walk in and order a cocktail or two.

The bar’s interior is quite modern yet it still retains some style. There are many tables to sit and relax in, and the atmosphere is friendly. This is a place that is worth visiting if you love cocktails.

Moongate Lounge

Found in San Francisco’s Chinatown, the Moongate Lounge is open from Thursday – Saturday 7 pm – midnight. On offer to those who make their way through the doors is a range of cocktails that you may not find elsewhere. You can enjoy Ariel, Kerberos, Deimos, and more.

The lounge’s interior is incredibly stylish and sophisticated. If you would like to enjoy cocktails somewhere different, this is the place to be. Large sofas or private booths are available, and the friendly atmosphere is one that will help you to relax. While the opening hours are somewhat limited, the pleasure of being at the Moongate Lounge makes up for it.

The Snug

As cozy as it sounds, The Snug is a delightful location that can be found on Fillmore Street. With indoor and outdoor seats available, there are also many different cocktails on the menu. Choose between the Berry Thyme, Mandarin Cardamom, Aloe Vera, and 7 more. All of these cocktails are worth a try because they are always expertly made. The location itself is a very nice place to be. Providing a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, The Snug is known as one of San Francisco’s best places to drink an iconic cocktail.

Whether you choose to sit at the bar and enjoy a drink, one of the tables, or even outside, you know you’re somewhere special. With its modern touch yet classic decor, if you want to enjoy a few cocktails somewhere different, this is the place to be.

Kona’s Street Market

While Kona’s Street Market might not sound like a cocktail-drinking destination, it certainly is one. Found on 3rd Street, this location is quite different from many others you’ll stumble across. When it comes to the cocktails, you’ll find there are more than you can imagine. From the delicious Prisoners Dilemma, to the tempting Banana Stand and more, you’re in for a real treat.

Complete with modern decor, a vibrant atmosphere, and some good, good drinks, if you want to visit somewhere special, this is the place to be. Just so you know, this destination only serves drinks (correct at the time of writing), if you wish to eat out, you’ll need to go elsewhere. However, once you’ve dined out, you can end the evening here.

Cold Drinks Bar

Located at Kenneth Rexroth Place and overlooking China Town, Cold Drinks Bar is nothing short of luxurious. If you would like to sip some tasty cocktails somewhere very elegant and special, you need to visit this destination. The decor is as stunning as it is sophisticated, and it helps to set the tone for the evening.

When it comes to the cocktails, you can be sure that there are some sumptuous ones on offer. Silk Degrees, for example, just has to be tried, as does the Oaxan Princess. There are 9 different cocktails available, and each one of them is delicious. If you would like to enjoy sipping cocktails somewhere elegant, you need to head to this destination.


Found at Telegraph Avenue, Palmetto happily serves up a nice selection of cocktails. While there aren’t very many on offer, this place only recently opened. This could mean that there’s an opportunity for them to add more to the menu. However, the cocktails that are available are very, very nice. The Moonchild is well worth a try, and the Floral Depot Punch is just delightful.

This is the ideal location for you if you wish to stumble across somewhere that has a gentle but friendly atmosphere. If you don’t take your cocktails too seriously and you wish to enjoy yourself, here to the Palmetto.

True Laurel

Found on Alabama Street, True Laurel is one of those always-friendly places to drink. A very stylish location that isn’t over the top, this cocktail bar is a must-visit destination. The general atmosphere is welcoming and the cocktails certainly are. With approximately 14 different cocktails on the menu, there really is something for everyone.

The Blue Note is exquisite, and the Mai O Mai is just delightful. There are also some non-alcoholic cocktails ready to be enjoyed, although this part of the menu is quite limited. If you wish to enjoy some cocktails somewhere relaxing, this is the place to be.

Rye Cocktail Bar

Known as a “Craft cocktail service”, Rye Cocktail bar is located on Geary Street and has 5 different cocktails on the menu. The Polka Dot is there to be enjoyed, thanks to its elegant taste, and the Belcampo Spritz is a must-have.

This bar is one of the most modern ones in the area, but it is also elegantly styled. The atmosphere here is ideal if you want to relax a little but you’re not looking for somewhere too informal. Make your way here and you’ll soon find yourself enjoying a tasty drink or two.


Final Words On These Cocktail Bars

San Francisco really does have a lot to offer anyone that loves a cocktail. Even the most experienced cocktail aficionados know this city has a lot to offer. If you would like to explore the best cocktail bars sf has, you can find them listed above. Each of these destinations is well worth visiting, and they all have something to offer. Start at the top of the list and get ready to enjoy some tempting cocktails in some stylish destinations.

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