Top 10 Best Happy Hours Financial District SF Offers

Top 10 Best Happy Hours Financial District SF Offers

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”.

This quote predates the grim moment Jack Nicholson used it in The Shining by centuries. It has rung true in regards to labor, to the point where “downtime” had to become a lifeline. In modern times, that downtime turned into a favorable time of the day when it comes to restaurants, called Happy Hour.

The Financial District is swarming with Jacks looking for some play during Happy Hour. Some place where they can down a few drinks with co-workers, grab a delicious bite to eat and relax. There are so many spots to choose from in the area, and the last thing you want after a hard day’s work, as you wander hungry and tense, is to be disappointed with the results of your search.

Maybe you land somewhere where the quality of the food and drinks leaves much to be desired. Maybe you land in a place where the prices are exaggerated. Or maybe you arrive at a place that meets your expectations but it is fully booked.

In order to avoid these situations, we made a list of our favorite 10 Happy Hour spots in San Francisco’s Financial District. Regardless of how picky you are, these places tick all the right boxes and more, for you to enjoy a truly happy hour with your work buds.


620 Jones

Central. Visually stimulating. Fun. Favorably priced. Diverse. The list of attributes on why 620 Jones is our top choice on the list could go on. You can enjoy a plethora of desirable cocktails ranging from the secret house recipe-prepared Sangria to a crisp Martini special.

Hungry? Our award-winning chefs offer a tasty range of food to accompany your happy hour venture. Book in advance and enjoy a dynamic atmosphere, indoors or outdoors, at one of San Francisco’s most central and exotic spots.


Sens Restaurant

You know for sure that a place is special when both the inside aspect and the outside view tell a story. Sens Restaurant embraces you with a rustic yet hip vibe from which you can face the Ferry Building and Bay Bridge.

Judging by the uber-central setting, you would think that at least the prices should be high. Well, they’re not. Especially during happy hour. Just looking at their happy hour special food menu will make you salivate, and when you top that appetite with the varied drinks menu, spending happy hour at Sens becomes a much-desired mission. The romantic and classy atmosphere can cause you to become a regular.



For sushi enthusiasts, PABU Izakaya delivers top-notch seafood flown in daily from Japan in an urban-meets-traditional Japanese setting. Happy hour is drizzled with various choices of sushi, sashimi, sake, and seasonal cocktails.

The overall ambiance is enhanced by the stellar service. You will feel spoiled not only by the personnel, but by the unbelievable savory quality of any item on PABU’s menu. The authenticity of the sushi menu has been described as rivaling the top culinary experiences in Japan. Add to that the convenient location in the heart of the Financial District, and your happy hour is set to receive this exciting cultural simulation you so rightfully deserve to experience.



Some places are breathtaking in their own right, just by the sheer amount of detail that has been put into designing and building them. The Novela is certainly one of them. The whole concept behind it is that the customers feel like they are inside of a book. Surrounded by full bookshelves and book-themed props, you can enjoy cocktails named after famous literary figures in an intimate and sophisticated setting.

The authenticity of the place is a pleasant surprise to be found in the center of San Francisco’s Financial District. Besides spending an unforgettable outing during happy hour time, you might even be creatively inspired just by taking in the entire ambiance of the place. If you are the creative type, the Novela is like a theme park for your mind…and eyes.


The Royal Exchange

A classic American-style bar with a soft spot for sports lovers, the Royal Exchange is a lively choice to enjoy happy hour in. In typical American fashion, you can choose from a wide selection of domestic and imported alcoholic beverages, and fill your tummy with classic American food recipes.

The overall feel of the place sets a straightforward mood to kick back and be in the company of friends or co-workers. The option of being distracted is made possible by the surrounding 21 televisions with satellite access, which you can make your focal point in case a certain sporting event catches your eye and goes well with your happy hour feast.


Cigar Bar & Grill

Smokers need not feel left out, for this place empathizes with you. You can enjoy a fancy cigar on the vivacious outside patio of the Cigar Bar & Grill, while also taking in some soothing live music. This place widens its experience horizon during your happy hour: with highly affordable drinks and food items on hand, you can light a cigar to further add to your relaxation.

When there’s an event that overlaps with happy hour, the live music is also a great subject to talk about and exchange opinions with your co-workers or friends. The food menu is a wet dream for the taste buds, as well as for the wallet, during happy hour.


Uno Dos Tacos

Bring your amigos over to Uno Dos Tacos, because nothing is more festive than a Mexican eatery. Especially when happy hour lasts from 4 PM till closing time! You can quench your thirst with a Margarita, a Sangria, or a cold draft beer, which is $1 off during happy hour.

Whether you enjoy meat in your food or opt for vegetarian dishes, the Guadelajaran chef plays a pivotal role in the authenticity of the restaurant, by preparing the recipes traditionally and with great attention to detail in seasoning. Uno Dos Tacos is one of the tastiest authentic Mexican restaurants in the FiDi, so treat your tastebuds your fun-meter with this all-round fiesta!.


83 Proof

For a laidback and unpretentious atmosphere, 83 Proof may be the perfect place for you to enjoy happy hour with your friends. The wall of bottles that greets your eyes when you enter sets your knobs to ‘fun mode’, while the dim lighting rests on your eyelids just heavy enough for you to feel fully relaxed.

The prices are extremely affordable and the whole place looks like it was conceptualized entirely for happy hour. If you are not looking for over-the-top fanciness, 83 Proof will help you forget about the stressful day you had at work, and instead think about what drink to grab next.


Southside Spirit House

Happy hour at the upscale yet casual Southside Spirit House is weekdays between 3 and 7 PM and it is an ideal spot to loosen up. The inside is nuanced with a classy chromatic combination of faded navy blue, beige, and oak. Topping off the ‘classic’ vibe is a full wall of audio cassettes that music aficionados can peruse and take pictures with.

The mood is even more enjoyable once you order a drink or an exquisite bite platter. This restaurant hits the sweet spot for what happy hour is about in every way.


Tunnel Top

Those who appreciate an old-school bar that aims to make its visitors feel like regulars will love the Tunnel Top. Located on 601 Bush Street – on top of the Stockton Tunnel – this bar offers some of the best deals on drinks during one of the most generous happy hour time intervals (daily from 4:30 PM to 8 PM).

The well-trained staff is friendly and fast, and the crowds gather in flocks on a nightly basis. Make sure you arrive early to secure a spot with your friends and don;t forget to bring cash with you, as this is the only accepted form of payment. But don’t worry…you won’t need a lot of it to enjoy a vigorous happy hour.


Choosing the Best Happy Hour Spot

Landing in a place that is simultaneously satisfying in terms of cuisine, drinks, prices, location, and ambiance on your first try is rare. We narrowed down your choices to help you spend less time thinking about where to enjoy happy hour, and spend more time actually enjoying it. San Francisco’s Financial District can be a distracting maze, but there is a suitable place for everyone to socialize during the happiest hour of each workday. We hope our list serves as a trustworthy compass in your search for the happy hour ‘holy grail’.

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