Top 5 Best Union Square, SF Brunch Spots

In the modern age of urban living, brunch is the most important meal of the day.

Not everyone is an early riser, so brunch is something to look forward to as a means to get the day going without feeling groggy. Brunch means starting off the day the way you’d like the rest of it to continue. Brunch means meeting up with friends, planning out your day, and why not even downing a cheeky mimosa to get you in a good mood.

San Francisco’s Union Square embodies the ideal visual aesthetic of a sunny and productive city at work. The modern architecture highlights the formal aspect of working in the vicinity, through its perfect square windows and imposing windows. However, the arrangement of the buildings, enveloped in chromatic classiness and sprinkled with patches of rich greenery, brings out the underlying fun aspect of the area, which makes it so desirable to work in.

The best way to take in the full and true spirit of San Francisco is having a relaxed brunch in the city’s Union Square. With so many welcoming choices alluring you in, it is tough to decide where to start. That is why we gave in to all the temptations for you, and settled on a top 5 best places to enjoy the perfect brunch in San Francisco’s Union Square.


1. 620 Jones Brunch

Although this classy patio bar prides itself to be “the best kept secret in San Francisco”, we just had to blow the lid off. It should be known that 620 Jones Brunch brings people together like no other brunch place in the area. Its friendly waiters, varied brunch food and cocktail menu, and beautiful setting truly make it the heartbeat of fine and glamorous Union Square dining.

Inside San Fran’s largest outdoor bar and restaurant, you will find a total of 3 bars, an enormous rooftop patio, and enough space to host your most elegant or scandalous events. The place is sure to draw the attention of guests due to its impressive Spanish Colonial Revival design, inspired by the 1915 Panama-California exposition. The rich architectural history of the building opens its – gigantic – front gates to all brunch enthusiasts alike.

The drag brunch embellishes the mood of the place. It splashes that bright dash of color that sets it apart and makes it shine bright like a diamond…within the confines of illustrious Union Square.


2. Honey Honey Cafe and Crepery

For those that crave a laid back atmosphere, Honey Honey Cafe and Crepery is the place to choose. The whole aesthetic of the place caresses each client on their way in and out. You will feel as relaxed as coming out of a spa after enjoying a midday feast here.

The way the food is arranged on each plate makes it seem like you are eating straight out of Instagram photos, with hashtags made from delicious waffles. The prices are not the smallest in the areas, but neither are the portions. You won’t be thinking of lunch too soon after enjoying a mellow, delicious brunch at Honey Honey Cafe and Crepery.


3. Dottie’s True Blue Cafe

If you are looking to enjoy brunch in an authentic American-spirited spot, you don’t have to wander any further. Dottie’s True Blue Cafe brunch food menu has all your favorite classics like open-faced omelettes, but also features many mouth-watering signature dishes, such as the delicious chili and black-bean cakes. Trying out new items and combinations from the thick menu is a treat in itself…a treat that is sure to make you a regular customer.

This fine establishment is almost always busy, so if you are an early brunch-er, you will find front row seats to a wonderful time and delicious meal. There are plenty of people filling the available tables quickly, so the atmosphere is always lively regardless if you bring your friends or not.


4. The Rotunda

You deserve to feel like a king or a queen. As often as possible, you deserve to eat like one, as well. Brunching at The Rotunda will check both those boxes, and more. The place looks like you are dining in a royal European palace, but for much fairer prices. Despite it being busy almost all of the time, the waiters are very friendly and you will be sure to enjoy yourself, especially during brunch time on weekdays when the wait is shorter.

The menu features all sorts of refined food and drink choices, but is diverse enough to titillate the palette of any hungry and non-picky customers. So bring your LV bags, wear your “good” shoes and enjoy a fine brunch under the marvellous domed ceiling of Neiman Marcus’ The Rotunda.


5. Colibri Mexican Bistro

¿Quieres relajarte? Of course you like to relax! Who knows how the rest of your day will pan out, so starting out with a relaxing brunch at the Colibri Mexican Bistro may even be the right dosage of relaxation you will need.

Although the atmosphere inside is very elegant – warm lights, lots of yellow, red, and wood motifs in the furniture and walls – their cocktails and brunch food menus are very festive and abundant! You can get your fix of bottomless mimosas until 2 PM every day. Although it is not for everyone’s budget, it is definitely worth having occasional celebratory brunches, or even better for laid back business discussions.


Choosing the Right Brunch Spot

A common sign that an establishment is doing well is if it’s frequently busy. Everyone has a set of criteria that helps them choose where they want to enjoy their brunch break. We took that criteria into consideration, such as quick service, friendly staff, good food, varied menus, convenient setting, and general visual aspect. Whether you are looking for a lively atmosphere like the one found at 620 Jones Brunch, or a more mellow setting like the Honey Honey Cafe and Crepery, San Francisco’s Union Square brunch places are as diversified as an ideal brunch menu.


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